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Stop telling me to write! I don't know what to write about...

December 31, 2017

In my last blog, I challenged you to begin writing. I gave a few ideas on how to start. One of the things I encouraged you to do, was think back on the positive things that you wanted to work on in 2018. Things that you couldn't quite get to, or your felt needed to be completed in 2017.  I thought my 2017 wasn't that great a year, but when I started this process, my spirits where instantly lifted because I remembered so many great things that happened. I wanted to share what I wrote in my personal journal from the ideas I gave you. Please don't look for anything fancy. I'm not an artist and my handwriting is pretty messy.

I just wanted to give you some examples of what I was suggesting as we go on this writing journey.


Even though I gave some ideas, I thought about it a little more. I realized, some people still may have some trouble getting started. In that respect I ask: "Do you feel that writing is pointless, because you don't know what to write about?" I can feel your frustration with me. I want to help you through that. One thing I've learned in my writing journey is that writing, breeds writing. If I just write, usually more ideas come.


Now, I admit I had to train my mind to do this. And there is good news! There are many ways to train your mind for writing. You can go for a walk, and write about or doodle what you see. You can listen to the conversations of your family, and write about what you hear (that's not creepy, is it?). Music has a big effect on my writing. That "just right" song can definitely send me running for my journal. Finding words in the dictionary that describe you can become a journal entry. The writing part is all up to you. The point is to have a collection of writing that causes you to review, remember, and reflect.


I created a short list of ways that I find very helpful when I'm training my mind for writing:


1.  Read for enjoyment - Reading a good book is such a great way to train your mind. Many times I will collect significant quotes from the books I'm reading. I love quotes. This way I have a collection of quotes to look back on to encourage myself.


2.  Respond to what you're reading - You can respond to what you're reading. When I say respond, I mean, think about some questions that may not have been answered for you. Write those down. If you're anything like me, you will probably think about what you read in the following days. As you think, you may have those "aha!" moments like, "Oh, that's why they were eating the cheeseburgers on the beach!" - Not the greatest example, but I hope it gets the point across. But, you can write the answers to your questions in your journal.


3. Use your reading as a mentor text - I love studying how other writers write. I plan to begin keeping track of what I find appealing about what others write. Studying the style of successful writers is a great way to mentor my writing. 


There are so many amazing writers in this world. Find some. Begin reading...read something everyday. You will begin to train your mind to write. I will share more journal posts as we go on this journey.

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