The first three books by Chrishaun Life are part of the Changes Series. The books are Changes: A Story of Transformation, Transformed, and Taking Flight (Coming July 2020) 

Changes: A Story of Transformation


For Shanale, Shaniese, and Shaniese’s daughter Nakaia, life is a hard journey full of pain, sorrow, and suffering. Shanale, a journalism student, makes choices that affect her life negatively, from dating married men to continuously seeking to please her immediate desires. Shaniese has been living with her youngest daughter’s father for as long as she can remember despite the fact he’s spent time in jail for drug possession and harbors deep, dark secrets. And Nakaia, once a happy, young teenage girl, quickly changes when she meets a new boy and the relationship moves faster than she is ready for.


Shanale is pursuing her successful career and falling in love with a new man she met after a prayer service, though she has a sneaking suspicion her past is not yet done with her heart. Niesy is planning her dream wedding to Derrick while also helping Kai transform into the independent woman she dreams of becoming.

Taking Flight
In the final book of the Changes Series, Shanale, Niesy, and Kai face the ultimate test. One may not make out alive. In this breathtaking and heartwarming conclusion the women find out just what it takes to live the lives they were meant to live.


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